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"Pain Saw", Way to Die #161, is the third death to be featured in "Death, The Final Frontier", which aired on July 15, 2012, as part of the series finale.


Hank was a lazy, muscular husband. His hardworking wife Darla tells him off for not trimming the hedges for two weeks. He finds his electric chainsaw at the same time as he spots his sexy next-door neighbor. He locks his chainsaw to the 'on' position and swings it around in circles to trim the hedges. He successfully impresses the neighbor in that way.

But unfortunately, the wire tangled and wraps around his neck, cutting off the blood supply to his brain and he loses consciousness and falls to the ground. His neck lands on the chainsaw in the process, causing his arteries and veins to be sliced and within less than a minute, he lost five pints of blood and died. The neighbor was horrified once she saw Hank's neck bleeding.

"Does anybody watching this think it's going to end well?"

"Hank was hot for the next door neighbour, but then his chainsaw cut in...on his fun."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Jean Claude Leuyer - Hank (lead: intended victim)
  • Dr. Courtney Washington - Surgeon (Only in German version)


  • Also called "Unchained Malady" on the Spike TV website.
  • This is the final death that has no interviewees.
  • There are two deaths that has the victim cutting their head off with a chainsaw:
    • In 2008, David Phyall, who was the last resident in a block of flats due to be demolished in Bishopstoke, near Southampton, Hampshire, England, cuts off his own head with a chainsaw in protest of being forced to move out.
    • In 1995, a Polish farmer named Krystof Azninski, who was playing some "men's games", grabbed a chainsaw and, shouting "Watch this then," he swung it at his own head and chopped it off. "It's funny," said one companion, "when he was young he put on his sister's underwear. But, he died like a man."
  • This death parodies the antics of Steve McGranahan "Worlds Strongest Redneck," who performed a dangerous stunt swinging a chainsaw around and around over his head to cut the hedges. McGranahan himself uploaded the video to Youtube on June 3, 2011, 13 months before this episode aired.
  • This is similar to Bhai mati das

Segment Nicknames

  • Unchained Malady (Spike TV)
  • The Kansas Chainsaw Massacre

Foreign names

  • Sierra a Tierra (Saw to Earth) - Latin American dub
  • Numerito Fatal (Fatal Show Off) - Spanish dub
  • Keine Schnittes (No Cut) - German dub