Way to Die #192
"Paintful Death"
Name of the death is a pun on "paint" and "painful death"
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"What does it mean? It means the attitude's all wrong. One of the thousandth ways to die, will be yours"
Date July 24, 2005
Location Avon Estates
Mobile, Alabama
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death: A User's Manual"
"Rhymes With "Rich""
"Art Attack"

"Paintful Death", Way to Die #192, is the seventh Segment in "Death: A User's Manual". It was aired on February 22, 2009.


Fernando knows that he is an Artist and not just someone who works with paint. His Boss bought him spray paint to get done with painting the walls. He didn't read the instructions for the spray paint. It stop working and Fernando thinks he can fix it by shaking it around. Unfortunately it works again while aiming at his leg. The paint enters his blood flow and kills him after reaching his brain.

"Lets play it in slow motion, since it happened so fast. The story of Fernando, Fernando thought he was doing his job, as his job and his life sucked. The spray gun blew, and then he died."


  • Dr. Kim Henderson - Toxicologist

Foreign Names

  • Technischer K.o. (T.K.O. Whacked) - German dub

1000 Ways To Die -192 T.K.O Whacked (German Version)

Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)

Deaths shown after Intro

Deaths shown before outro


  • One of the deaths shown before the outro which in this case Gut Busted, is in the same episode as this death. It also shows an up coming death You're so Vein.
  • It is the last missing death of season 1.
  • An English death card can be found on a Russian dub of the show.
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