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"Pimp My Death", Way to Die #257, is the sixth death featured in "Death Be a Lady Tonight", which aired on July 25, 2011.


An escort named Carmen charms her way into a desperate married man's hotel room on the pretense of finding him attractive. The man's name is Mike. But when she reveals her profession and insists on $2,000 for the night, Mike refuses to pay leading to her calling her boss named Big Hank. When he arrives, she uses their confrontation as a chance to take the $2,000 from the man's wallet. Mike and Big Hank start a row. She then tries to hide in the bathroom to be able to make her getaway, only for Big Hank to shove Mike into her, causing her to fall into the edge of a marble sink and split her head open, swelling her head up, causing massive internal bleeding within her skull, killing her within minutes, sending Carmen to hell.

"Tonight, Carmen... and Karma... were on a collision course. And met head-on... in Mike's bathroom."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Natasha Noriega (This features the fifth and final instance of an interviewee being kept in shadow for criminal protection in the case of an escort.)
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders (Surgeon)
  • Lydia Sanders (AKA Isolina) - Carmen (lead:intended victim)

Alternative name

  • Curtain Call Lady (Spike TV website)

Alternative Description

  • "A 2k-per-night high-class escort suffers a brutal fall after conning a client." (Spike TV website)

Foreign names

  • Enchulame la Muerte (Pimp my Death) - Latin American dub.
  • Muerte chulesca (Pimped Death) - Spanish dub.
  • Knallhartes Vorspiel (Tough Foreplay) - German dub.


  • Albeit Natasha Noriega had not been seen by the light, despite this. Cannot be revealed as a Noriega's full body. Instead, Dr. Boyd Flinders can be seen by the lights are now revealed.
  • Ann B. Davis later died similarly.
  • Carmen's death is similar to that of Toothy's death in Happy Tree Friends episodes, "Dunce Upon a Time".