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Way to Die #94
"Pop and Lox"
Name of the death is a pun on "pop and locks"
Pop and Lox.png
"Sister Shmear tried to talk the talk, but in the end, it was the beat that beat her."
Date February 12, 1984
Location Bronx, New York
Episode this death
was featured in
"My Will be done-immediately!"
"Frequent Dier"

"Pop and Lox,"Way to Die #94, is the seventh and final death featured in "Die-abestic", which aired on February 1, 2012.


Sophie Liebowitz (aka Sister Shmear) is an arrogant, Jewish-American break dancer. She and her crew "The Massapequa B-girls" were about to have a dance-off with "The Levittown Lady Breakers". Shmear also had a modified sound system on her car which boomed out sound waves at a sonic level. So at the dance-off, the two dance crews go toe to toe in a colossal dance showdown, and Sister Shmear decides to intervene. But in the middle of her dance, she dies of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.

Casts and Interviewees

  • Amy Campion - Sophie Lebowitz (lead: intended victim)
  • PeiPei Alena Yuan - The Massapequa B-girl Member #1
  • Sara Von Gillern - The Massapequa B-girl Member #2
  • Wendy Lam - Breakdancer
  • Riyanna Hartley - Break Dancer
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Interventional Pain Physician


  • This death is similar to Tone Death, in which the victim died to extreme Sonic Pressure while playing Satan's Jackhammer, but the victim did not have SADS.
  • The CGI for this death features a breakdancing heart. 
  • It is based on the death of Jemma Benjamin. Unlike Sophie Lebowitz, she died after kissing a boy. 
  • It is also based on the death of Sukardi on February 1985. Unlike Sophie Lebowitz, he died due to severe concussion after having a headspin.
  • The segment was shot a year before it was aired.

Alternative Name

  • Ache Dancer (Spike TV website)

Foreign names

  • Rap-idisimo (Rap-idly) - Latin American dub
  • Sin Ritmo (Without Rhythm) - Spanish dub