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"Premature Endings", Way to Die #1000, is the seventh and final death to be featured in "Sor-Dead Affair", which aired along with "Locked and Low Dead" as the one-hour season finale on February 29, 2012.


Sharon Levy Memorial Hospital's patients were dying of different causes: germs, toxins, injuries, illnesses, catastrophes, calamities, their own stupidity. Examples shown include: a drunk driver with a steering wheel in his intestines, a pervert with a broken soda bottle lodged up his rectum, a woman with a knife in her stomach after falling off a ladder while holding it, a man who sliced his own leg off with his table saw while drunk, a woman with scissors in her neck, a man who lit a match when he got caught in a gas leak, and another with a hard white stick in his neck.

However, there was one patient that stood out from the crowd; he is dying peacefully of old age. He has lived a long and healthy life and was always loyal to his friends and family. His daughter, oblivious to everyone else, was the only person to see him go. Though it's disheartening for her to see him pass on, she's glad to know that he's headed to a better place.

"His daughter is understandably sad... but she also knows it's his time to go."

List of deaths shown

Before meeting with the patient dying peacefully

"1000 Ways to Die has a lot of fun mocking all the dumbasses who manage to die...in the most idiotic of circumstances. But ideally, that's not how we wanna go, is it?"

After meeting with the patient dying peacefully

"In the end, the choice is yours. You can be a total moron...die a victim of your own stupidity, and wind up on our show...or live a long and sensible life...and go home and watch it. All this time, 1000 Ways to Die has been an instructional manual...for how to live."


  • Jessica Lee Wrabel - Sharon (lead)


  • This Way to Die reaches the bottom of the list at #1000.
  • This death has no interviewees, as dying of old age is one of the most common ways to die in real life. In many developed countries, almost everyone who dies does so due to complications related to age.
  • Like Ichiboned, this death is sometimes considered one of the most wholesome, as all the people involved died from a normal situation that could happen to anyone, and the people involved had not done anything morally wrong or stupid beforehand.
  • This is one of only several deaths along with Ichiboned, Frightmare, Crappy Ending, Pissed Off and Coming & Going in where the victim is actually innocent of doing anything wrong.
  • As the 1000th and final way to die, it reflects on some of the previous deaths shown throughout the series.
  • The main deceased character in this death is the only one to not die from any injuries, catastrophes, germs, toxins, or illnesses.
  • This is the second death from 2011 featured in this series. Apocalypse Harley is the second-youngest, 34 days away.
  • This death was intended to be the series finale, but 1000 Ways to Die was renewed for another season. It was instead featured in the finale of Season 5.
  • For some reason, in the Spanish dub of the series, Sharon Levy Memorial Hospital is depicted as being located in London, England (the setting for Ex-Squeezed), but it's doubtful that this is true.
  • The intro to this death is in motion.
  • Despite being #1000, it is not the final death in the series, because, as mentioned earlier, the series was renewed. The final death in the series is Phlegm Phatale.
  • For those deaths that appeared before and after the patient dying peacefully, they are all archive footage.
  • The pervert with his mouth taped shut who would die from a broken soda bottle lodged up his rectum might be the inspiration for a similar death that aired two episodes later.
  • Like Poly-Ass-Turd, the intro card is in motion.
  • Every death that was shown after the victim died were either from season 4 or season 5

Foreign names

  • Finales Prematuros (Premature Endings) - Latin American, Pluto TV and Spanish dubs
  • Es geht auch Friedlich (It also goes Peacefully) - German dub

Segment Nicknames

  • Long Goodbye (Spike TV website)
  • Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
  • A Peaceful Ending
  • The Last Death Standing :(
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