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"Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy", Way to Die #680, is the first death to be featured on "Tweets From the Dead", which originally aired on March 26th 2012.


"I hate all bugs."


Egon had an extreme hatred for bugs: he couldn't stand their very existence. Egon would collect bugs to torture and kill. Then, he decided to take things to a new level by covering a wall of his house with homemade flypaper coated with cyanoacrylate. The paste was so strong, it managed to stick two of his fingers together. When he was finished, he gazed back at his work. Little did Egon know, his creation would be the death of him. Then a mosquito showed up, as if to mock him, and Egon swatted at it with his flyswatter, only to stump over the bucket of adhesive and become stuck to his wall, completely immobilized. He struggled and thrashed, desperately trying to escape his ordeal while screaming for help, but it was completely useless because no one comes to his aide. After 2 days completely stuck to the wall, he lost all control of his bladder. About 5 days later, Egon was scared, weak, dirty, teetering on the edge of life, until he inevitably died of dehydration. But the story doesn't end there. The bugs that survived Egon's manic tortures escaped. They smelled his rotting corpse and they devoured him. They also laid eggs in his rectum and other internal organs. They ate, and ate, and ate until Egon was completely reduced to a skeleton, bringing his bug killing habits to a literal dead stop.

"After a week of being pinned to the wall, Egon succumbs to dehydration... and the bugs move in."

Cast & Interviewees

  • Joseph Russell - Egon (uncredited/lead: intended victim)
  • David Sivits - Chemist
  • Jules Sylvester - Wildlife Expert


  • This death is slightly similar to Love Bugged.
  • This death was the first to be narrated by Joe Irwin who (according to 1000 Ways To Die fans) sounds like a DJ at an easy listening radio station.
  • This is the only death flagged on YouTube on the Spike TV (now Paramount Network) channel.
  • Egon could be a reference to Egon Spengler, a character from the Ghostbusters franchise. 

Segment Nickname

  • Lord of the Flies (Spike TV)
  • Butter-Died

Foreign names

  • Mosquita Muerta (Dead mosquito) - Latin American dub
  • Mosqueado (Pissed Off) - Spanish dub
  • Die Körperfresser kommen (The body eaters are coming) - German dub
  • Kuerpo hyakus Möska (Flies by the Body) - Lazoran dub
Pretty Fly for a dead guy -3.jpg

It was at this moment Egon knew…

…he f___ed up.

2 days later…

Egon crying.

After a week of being pinned to the wall…

.SCP-106 "the old man"