Way to Die #312
Name of the death is a pun on "reformed"
"There you go. A new way to reform a criminal."
Date March 24, 1989
Location Acme Shipping
Pico, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"The Good, The Bad, and the Dead"
"Texas Fold 'Em"
"Rolled Death"

"Re-Formed", Way to Die #312, is the fourth death featured in "The Good, The Bad, and the Dead", which aired on March 8, 2009.


A thief named Griff runs and trespasses into a private property. Griff gets a box out of a truck, but he soon got caught by a cop and another guy. They both chased Griff, but he soon found a way to escape. He hides in a dumpster, which is then emptied into a garbage truck. The garbage truck carries away the dumpster where Griff is hiding in. Griff screams for help, but nobody hears him. When more garbage is emptied on top of him, Griff is trapped and the load of garbage is compacted, losing consciousness shortly after, crushing him. His bones snapped one-by-one, and eventually his vital organs burst from the severe pressure. This type of disintegration soon turns him into a mess by the time the truck finishes its compacting process.

"Hidden underneath yesterday's lunch, Griff has once again eluded the man, but not the machine. While he was getting cozy with the cockroaches, fate turned his world upside-down..."

Interviewees and Cast

  • F. Vito Lamorte - Waste Management Consultant (who was later interviewed for Jersey Gore)
  • Dr. Steven Burnstien - Cardiologist
  • Nick Wall - Griff (lead: intended victim)


  • There is a similar death of someone getting crushed by a machine. See Way to Die #311.
  • During the scene where the garbage truck was driving away, you can hear the deathcard theme used for season 2 and onward.
  • This death was based on the death of Anastasio Figueroa in 1994. He was an escaped prisoner who hid in a garbage truck and was crushed to death in the compactor.

Foreign names

  • Reformado - Latin American dub
  • Compactado (Compacted) - Spanish dub
  • Biotonne wider Willen (Bio bin against the Will) - German dub
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