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Way to Die #347
Name of the death is a pun on "retired"
"You know what they say, porno is bad for you. It'll rot your brain."
Date June 4, 2005
Location Ted's Tire Service
Bakersfield, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Gets Busy"
"My Big Fat Greek Death"

"Re-Tired", Way to Die #347, is the third death featured in "Death Gets Busy", which aired on February 22, 2009.


Phil Harden is a tire shop co-owner who is addicted to pornography, due to his collection of porn magazines. One day at work, he reads a new release of one of his porn magazines while inflating a truck tire. Distracted by the magazine, Phil forgets to check on the tire, and the tire starts to become a ticking time bomb. After a while, the tire explodes from over-inflation, lodging pieces of shrapnel from the metal tire rim into his brain and killing him.


  • This segment is not to be confused with "Way to Die segment #412 (repeat)".
  • Only the CGI graphics show the tire exploding, not the actual feature.
  • It is based on this Darwin Award.
  • This is the first death of which only the CGI graphics show how the victim dies. The second one is Blades of Gory.
  • The man who played Phil was later an interviewee in "Ass Phyxiated".

Segment Nickname

  • Tire Blast
  • The Rocket Tire (Spike TV Website)

Foreign names

  • Neumático Mortal (Mortal Tire) - Latin American dub
  • Con el Cerebro Podrido (With Rotten Brain) - Spanish dub


  • Dr. Ava Cadell - Sexologist
  • Bryan Tashjian - Owner, Western Tire