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"Re-Tired", Way to Die #347, is the third death featured in "Death Gets Busy", which aired on February 22, 2009.


Phil Harden is a tire shop co-owner who is addicted to pornography, due to his collection of porn magazines. One day at work, he reads a new release of one of his porn magazines while inflating a truck tire. Distracted by the magazine, Phil forgets to check on the tire, and the tire starts to become a ticking time bomb. After a while, the tire explodes from over-inflation, lodging pieces of shrapnel from the metal tire rim into his brain and killing him.

"It came down to this: Which would pop first? Phil...or the tire?"


  • This segment is not to be confused with "Way to Die segment #412 (repeat)".
  • Only the CGI graphics show the tire exploding, not the actual feature.
  • It is based on this Darwin Award.
  • This is the first death of which only the CGI graphics show how the victim dies. The second one is Blades of Gory.
  • The man who played Phil was later an interviewee in "Ass Phyxiated".

Segment Nickname

  • Tire Blast
  • The Rocket Tire (Spike TV Website)

Foreign names

  • Neumático Mortal (Mortal Tire) - Latin American dub
  • Con el Cerebro Podrido (With Rotten Brain) - Spanish dub


  • Dr. Ava Cadell - Sexologist
  • Bryan Tashjian - Owner, Western Tire