Way to Die #412
Name of the death is a pun on "retired" and a "tire" from a vehicle
"Arthur never met Shuggy while he was alive. Shuggy wishes they never met at all."
Date April 27, 2001
Location Scottsdale, Arizona
Episode this death
was featured in
"Bringing in the Dead"
"S**t Canned"

"ReTired", Way to Die #412, is the seventh and last death to be featured in "Bringing in the Dead", which aired on January 6, 2010.


Shuggy, a life-long bad guy, has been in and out of gangs and prisons and never made one dollar in his entire life. On this day, he waits to knock over a gas station convenience store. Yards away, Arthur, an 85-year-old widower, gets into his classic Chrysler and thinks about his life. However, unable to drive due to his poor eyesight, he would start his car and reminisce. Shuggy, aiming for the store, puts on his hoodie and looks around for something to steal, while Arthur, losing consciousness, passes away peacefully in his car. Back at the store, Shuggy knocks out the clerk, steals money from the cash register, and gets away with it. The car Arthur got into while he was alive rolls down the hill. Then fate steps in when Arthur's car does a heroic deed and runs over Shuggy. Its grill breaking his thigh, the tires breaking his leg and neck bones and vertebrae, Shuggy then lies dead on the road.


  • Jason Romero - EMT
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Cardiac Electrophysiologist


  • Despite taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona, this death was filmed at Garzota Drive in Santa Clarita, California.
  • This is the second death with the number 412.
  • Arthur is the first person in the series to die of old age, with the second being the old man in Premature Endings.

Foreign names

  • Aplastado por el muerto (Squashed by the dead) - Latin American dub.


  • Anachronism: A 2005 Nissan Quest and 2007 Chevrolet Suburban can be seen, despite this death being set in 2001.
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