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"Reef Stew", Way to Die #202, is the second death to be featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24, 2010.


Steve and Carlos were two starving drug smugglers who just so happened to fall in the hands of a starving Fijian tribe who were all tired of eating fruit and vegetables and wanted meat. The three men threatened to kill the three women if they didn't find meat anytime soon. Steve and Carlos came along and thought the men would give them food. Instead, they knocked Steve and Carlos out and when they awoke, they were being cooked and boiled alive by the cannibals. After five hours, their muscular tissue easily separated from the bone, making them edible. The six cannibals then cut up Steve and Carlos' dead bodies and ate them as a feast, where the cannibals joyfully enjoy their food, with the chief thanking the gods for giving them their food.  

"The two smugglers had been in hot water before, but this time, they couldn't bribe their way out."


  • This is based on many old explorer movies.
  • The actor who plays one of the cannibals also played Fernando from Anger Damagement from "Dead To Rights", which aired a week prior to this episode.
    • Conveniently, they are both the second segments of their respective episodes.
  • this happened in the early days of exploring
  • Bhai dayala died similarly


  • Dr. Franklin Ruehl - Thanatologist
  • Nicci Piscitelli - Chef de Cuisine

Foreign names

  • Estofado de Arrecife (Reef Stew) - Latin American dub
    Reef Stew.jpg