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"Ring-A-Ding Dead", Way to Die #408, is the fourth death featured in "Death, The Final Frontier", which aired July 15, 2012.


Dwight is an obnoxious hipster with a habit of going to yard sales before the sellers could open them, and snatching up anything that catches his fancy without paying as much as a penny for it (which is stealing, of course).

One day, he goes to a yard sale two hours early, and browses the selection for something that he could snitch, when he notices an odd-looking antique ring. The homeowner sees Dwight with the item, realizing that the ring belonged to his grandfather and he had been looking for it for a decade.

He and Dwight get into a fight over the ring, when something struck the latter in the eye and through the brain, killing the sticky-fingered hipster. The reason for this: the antique ring that Dwight attempted to steal is actually a ring gun, and it was loaded. Dwight had accidentally shot himself with it during the struggle.

Segment Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV website

  • "An obnoxious Hipster attempts to steal a steampunk-style ring from a yard sale, only to discover (too late) that it's a 19th century ring-gun."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Casey Noel - Himself (Explosives Technician)
  • Qaddoe Wreegish - Dwight (lead: intended victim)

Segment Nicknames

  • One Ring To Kill Them All (Spike TV website)
  • Ring of Fire
  • Ringed In
  • Control Ringoff

Foreign names

  • Schussverkauf (Gunshot Sale) - German dub


  • The ring gun featured in this death is a 19th century Dyson LePetit Protector, which is chambered in 5mm (.2 caliber).
  • In the German version, it shows the actual beginning of Casey Noel's interview.
  • It is the most deserved death on the show according to the Spike TV website.
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