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"Road Killed", Way to Die #303, is the seventh and final death to be featured in "Putting A Smiley Face On Death", which aired on September 14, 2010.


A nature-loving hippie who calls herself "Morning Glory" really enjoyed the outdoors. She even loved listening to whale songs in her car. She seems to have a happy life until one day, she accidentally ran over a raccoon. The nature-lover was devastated. In an attempt to revive the poor animal, she tried to perform CPR on it. While looking up to inhale, she was suddenly decapitated by a bumper of a speeding truck, and the driver did not see her in the middle of the road. Her headless corpse lay next to the dead raccoon, while her severed head is stuck onto the bumper of the truck as the driver drives on, oblivious to her death.

"Anyone who gets down on her knees in the middle of the road to resurrect a piece of roadkill...shouldn't be surprised by what happens next."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Physical Medicine & Rehab
  • Dr. DJ Green - Trauma Surgeon
  • Pheobe Schraft - Morning Glory (lead: intended victim)


  • At the end, Morning Glory's headless corpse is in the same pose as the raccoon corpse.
  • This is also the final death to be interviewed by Dr. DJ Green and the only death to take place in Bend, Oregon.
  • This death was Runner-Up B in the "Cosmic Karma" category in the Death By Request: Special episode.

Segment Nicknames

  • De-Natured
  • Curosity Killed The Hippie

Foreign names

  • Muerte en la Ruta (Death in the Route) - Latin American dub.
  • Atropellada (Hasted) - Spanish dub
  • Morte na Estrada (Death on the Road) - Brazilian dub