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"Rolled Death", Way to Die #313, is the eighth and last death to be featured in "Gratefully Dead", which aired on January 13, 2010.


A young woman named Carla is a gold digger who marries an old man for his money. She dies because she had her veil wrapped around her neck and unrolling something from her veil. It gets stuck in the car rim, hangs the young bride and later, decapitated her. The old man never heard her head hitting the asphalt.


  • This is based on the death of Isadora Duncan.
  • The CGI used is originally from D. U. Die with the Way to Die Segment #528.
  • Carla is technically the first female victim to be decapitated with Morning Glory in Road Killed being the first in the US.
  • A young woman marrying an old rich man for his money was also a concept done in Booty Trapped.


  • Stefan Timmermans - Sociologist
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Physical Medicine & Rehab

Foreign names

  • La Lune de Miel de la (Honeymoon of Death) - French dub
  • Bis das der Tod euch scheidet (Until death do you part) - German dub

    1000 Ways To Die -313 Rolled Death (German Version)