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"Ruffed Up", Way to Die #227, is the sixth death to be featured in "You're Dead! LOL!", which aired on "February 10, 2010".


Marnie, desperate for a job, reluctantly takes a position of a dog walker, but she hated dogs. On the way to the dog park, she grew frustrated with her dogs, but her constant nagging towards them is making them behave poorly. When she finally got them to the park, the dogs have had enough of her terrible attitude and decided to literally drag her across the ground. Unable to break free from the many leashes tied to her wrist, Marnie could do nothing but watch before she collided head-on to a tree, damaging her temporal lobe.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Kristina Coker - Marnie (lead: intended victim)
  • David Reinecker - Dog Behaviorist
  • Dr. Ramon Cestero - Trauma Surgeon


  • Kristina Coker (who plays Marnie) also plays Jessie in the next segment. (See Way to Die #228).
  • This death is quite similar to Chain Gang Banged, except the victim in the story did not suffer any damage when being dragged on the ground, but rather in contact with a tree, but the victim(s) in the latter did suffered skin loss, head trauma and bone fractures when being drag (Due to the victim in the former being dragged with her head above the ground).
    Ruffed Up.jpg

Segment Nicknames

  • Doggone Dangerous