Way to Die #743
"S*** Dead"
Name of the death is a pun on "sh**head"
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"Larry always knew why he hated Birds so much"
Date July 11, 1990
Location Larry's Cabin, Boone, North Carolina
Episode this death
was featured in
"Unforced Errors"
"Hammer Head"
"Master E-Raced"

"S*** Dead", Way to Die #743, is the seventh and final Segment of "Unforced Errors". The Episode aired on February 8, 2008.


Do you remember "The Birds" from Alfred Hitchcock? Well..... this story is called "The Bird". Larry is living in the wild. The only friends he has are the small and big animals around him, except for the birds. He despises them. He terrorizes a sparrow hawk that is sitting on his lawn. He manages to get rid of the bird but it will also get rid of him. After it flies above him, it drops a load on his face which also enters his mouth. A week later he's in the Hospital because of Salmonellosis which later brings him to an end.


1000 Ways To Die -743 S*** Dead (German version)


  • Amber Kaplan - Infectious Disease Expert


  • According to a user named LootMurderer, an English version of this death was uploaded on a Japanese site called Nicovideo. The video was taken down by Viacom and then the link was gone. It is the first deleted death to have an English version. The second deleted death to have an English version is Bubbled Out.
  • It is the first death to not air in the US.
  • It reuses the rat footage from Pissed Off.
  • It was a fictional death until on August 26, 2011, Santos Reyes passed away due to a fungal infection in the brain. Instead of an sparrow hawk, it was pigeons.
  • This is the only death in the episode to feature a death of a bad person.

Segment Nicknames

  • Alfred S**tcock
  • S*** and Run

Foreign Names

  • Totgeschissen (S*** Dead) - German dub
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