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"SP-Effed", Way to Die #317, is the first death featured in "Dead Before They Know It", which aired on March 23, 2011.


An arrogant woman named Shelly is always borrowing her roommates' belongings without asking: clothes, food and beauty products. When one of her roommates buys a tanning bed (which no one is allowed to use), she decides to use it, but before going in, she mistakes psoriasis cream for moisturizer. The psoralen in the cream, activated by the ultraviolet radiation of the tanning bed, gives her massive second degree burns all over her body and she falls onto her horrified roommate in the arms and dies of heart failure, hypovolemic & cardiogenic shock and severe dehydration.

"She collapsed into her roommate's arms... dead, from heart faliure."

Foreign Names

  • Crocante (Crispy) - Brazilian Dub

Cast and Interviewees

  • Guerin Piercy - Shelly (lead: intended victim)
  • Mele Ihara - Psoriasis Roommate
  • Dr. Marc Kern (clinical psychologist)
  • Dr. Vyshali Rao (cardiologist)


  • This is based off an urban legend and Janet Stanley's death.