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"Safecracked Pitch", Way to Die #214, is the eight and final death featured in "Dead to Rights", which aired on February 17, 2010.


Maury is out for a walk when he sees a security vault being installed in someone's house. Later that night, Maury breaks into the house and tries to open the safe to no avail, so instead, he decides to take the safe, slides it outside and he has to push it down several stairs. Not wanting to make any noise, Maury decides to guide the safe quietly down the steps. However, he slips, which causes the vault and him to fall down the stairs. Maury dies after the fall, due to it causing his ribcage to break and his heart to be punctured, thus sending him to Hell. It is later revealed that the vault was empty.


  • Fanmade Title Card for the Death

    It is based on the 1996 death of Salamon Garcia in Huntington, New York.
  • Supposedly, it was on the Spike TV website according to user Ghost's Blackhat's Music Archives.

Foreign names

  • Victim grab a safe, and dies in the number 214.
    Panzerknacker-Pech (Safecracker pitch) - German dub