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"Samu-Fry", Way to Die #218, is the sixth death to be featured in "Dead to Rights", which aired on February 17, 2010.


Two Japanese-American teenagers named Gregory and Tyler attempt to engage in a katana battle after watching a samurai movie and playing samurai video games. What Gregory and Tyler did not know was that the swords they were using were real, and especially not for child's play. When they took their fight outside, Gregory attempted to land a deadly hit on his friend, Tyler, but his katana hits a low-hanging power line and electrocutes him to his death. If the power line wasn't there, it would have cost Tyler his life instead.

"Into the backyard went the wannabe samurai. They were way in over their heads, but neither was willing to back down. Greg was ready to deliver the death blow...but was cut short by high voltage powerline. 240 volts of heart-stopping juice finally put an end to the madness."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Sifu Todd Tei - Samurai Master
  • Dr. Ramon Cestero - Trauma Surgeon
  • Jake Huang - Gregory (lead: intended victim)
  • Travis Wong - Tyler (lead)


  • In the Spanish dub, it shares the number 281 with Who Ded?
  • It is based on the death of Victor Jones. Unlike Gergory, Victor was electrocuted in the basement instead of outside.

Foreign names

  • Samurai Frito (Fried Samurai) - Latin American dub.


  • Anachronism: The two protagonists were playing the Xbox 360, which would've been impossible to exist until 2005. Furthermore, the original Xbox wasn't released until November 15, 2001 - a full two months after the events of this predicament.