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"Samurai Death Squad", Way to Die #198, is the first death to be featured in "You're Dead! LOL!", which aired on February 10, 2010.


A group of young Asian American teens formed a club called the Samurai Death Squad, which included activities like two people jousting from separate tuned drift cars dressed as samurais. The club included two men dressed as samurais called "Knock" Amora and Berzerko who are long-time members, three girls that show up in slutty school girl outfits and stand around looking hot, and one who goes out with her costume and makeup who calls herself "Vagesha, Goddess of Death" who is one of the club's regulars. In this meeting of the Samurai Death Squad, it features a showdown between two of the club's long-time members "Knock" Amora and Berzerko. Each hang out of the window of the cars with a spear in their hands. The idea is to come as close as possible to inflict injury while looking cool and courageous. After a few rounds, Berzerko accidentally slices "Knock" Amora's shoulder open, drawing blood. With a useless shoulder, "Knock" Amora attempts to retaliate against Berzerko by slicing his shoulder. His revenge was more than what he bargained for. He accidentally impaled/stabbed Berzerko in his right eye and out the back of his head, resulting in death by massive hemorrhaging in the brain and his blood staining the car.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Ben Bulatao (uncredited) - Berzerko (lead: intended victim)
  • Unknown actor - "Knock" Amora (lead)
  • Unknown actor - Race Girl #1
  • Yoko Okumura - Race Girl #2
  • Unknown actor - Race Girl #3
  • Alpha Takahashi (uncredited) - Vagesha Goddess of Death
  • Sifu Todd Shawn Tei - Wing Chun Kung Fu Master
  • Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael - Neurologist



Segment Nickname

  • Slashing Japanese
  • Home Wrecked
  • Corpses And Samurai

Foreign Names

  • Die allerletzten Samurai (The very last Samurai) - German dub