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"Scam Eye Am (Dead)", Way to Die #894, is the first death featured in "Killing Them Softly", which aired on March 9, 2011.


Adechike, a Nigerian scam artist, attempts to scam a man named Joe using the "wash-wash" scheme, where he dyes fake money black but contains one actual bill and cleans it with a magic wash fluid which proves the whole thing contains real US dollars, but the scammer used regular water instead. He purposely spilled it all (which accidentally spilled on Joe's wrist) so Joe wouldn't know the other bills were fake. Adechike claims he'll have new fluid in 24 hours, but later, Joe catches on and finds out the other bills are fake after rubbing them off with his wrist (with the spilt magic liquid), and runs up to Adechike's hotel room. Adechike stands behind the door to hide and peeks through the peep hole. Joe forces the door open, driving its coat hook into Adechike's eye, piercing his frontal lobe and pulling his eye out after Joe closes the door, sending the Nigerian scam artist to Hell where he won't be dyeing anymore fake money, and soon after Adechike died, Joe gets his money recovered.

"Joe might've been dim, but his bulb wasn't completely out. He rubbed off another bill... and discovered he'd been taken to the cleaners."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Aswad Ali - Adechike (lead: intended victim)
  • Albert Stroth - Joe (lead)
  • Rick Hahn - Himself (Retired FBI Agent)
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Himself (Physical Medicine and Rehab)


  • Also called "Killer Scam" on the Spike TV website.
  • "Scam Eye Am" is a play on words referencing the Dr. Seuss character "Sam I Am".

Segment Nicknames

  • Killer Scam (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Ojo con las Estafas (Watch out of Scams) - Latin American dub
  • Timo del Ojo (Scam of Eye) - Spanish dub
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