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"Screwged", Way to Die #236, is the last death featured in "Dead to Rights", which aired on February 17, 2010.


One cold Christmas Eve night, an old widower named Bob had no friends or family to celebrate the holidays with; the reason was he a total scrooge. When he gets surprised after hearing carolers singing near his house, he smiled; not because it warmed his heart, but it was a perfect time to get rid of his rotten fruit, which he threw at the carolers. Soon after the carolers ran away from his barrage, the weather showed signs of hail. A two-pound hailstone falling at 100 miles per hour hits him on the head, fracturing his old, brittle skull, killing him instantly.

"Bob smiled. Not because this idyllic scene warmed his heart. He smiled because it was a great opportunity to get rid off all his rotten fruit. You see, Bob was a total scrooge. He hated Christmas, couldn't stand christmas carolers, and even Santa was on his greatest hit list. But then, after getting rid of the good cheer crowd, the weather, like his heart, got ugly."

Foreign names

  • Granizado (Hailed) - Latin American and Spanish dubs
  • Sternhageltot (Star hail dead) - German dub

Segment Nickname

  • The Grinch Of Hail


  • this is based On stories of hail killing people