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"Semi-cide", Way to Die #208, is the first death to be featured in "Life Will Kill You", which aired on May 14, 2008, as well as the first death in the series.


Dating couple Jeff Stewart and Jessica Baron were making their way to Las Vegas to tie the knot. But as they clowned around at a rest stop, their day of fun came to a sudden halt when they heard screaming. They rush over to the scene discovers something that would haunt them forever. A man, Frank Soriani, got run over and cut in half by an 18-wheeler semi-truck, whose driver didn't see him, lying on the ground, while working on his Ford F-350 for a broken muffler. Because of this, he screams in pain and lies back against his truck. His upper body and legs were accidentally sent to two separate hospitals, and Soriani dies after three and a half hours of being cut in half.


  • Dr. Howard Oliver - Forensic Pathologist
  • Emesan Gusseth - Frank (lead: intended victim)



Foreign Names

Dividido (divided) - Mexican dub

• Semi-cidio - Argentine dub

• Medio-cidio (Medium-cide) - Spanish dub

  • Śmierć na pół gwizdka (Half-Whistle Death) - Polish voice-over