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"Shanks for the Memories", Way to Die #116, is the sixth death featured in "Death Watch", which aired on January 27, 2010.


Moira, a pompous, obnoxious has-been golf star, and her husband, Josh, were a married couple, taking shots at playing golf, and at each other. They would fight and insult each other at public courses while taking swings at their putters, alienating other people.

"Oh, and by the way, you know my secretary? I've been screwing her for the past six months!"

"Ha, well you know what? So have I!"

-Josh and Moira's final argument

"Mark Twain described golf as 'a good walk ruined.' For these two, it was one long bad drive."

Josh loses focus on where their golf cart is going, due to him also being drunk, and the cart rolls down the hill, until it landed...in the pit of despair. During the crash, Josh and Moira sustained fatal head and neck injuries, silencing the couple forever.


  • Dr. Alex Yufik - Forensic Psychologist
  • Dr. DJ Green - Trauma Surgeon

Segment Nicknames

  • Golf Coarse

The couple from hell.


  • It reuses the CGI animation used in S**t Canned.
  • Like I-Boned, this death has no recap.
  • mannequins are used for the tumbling cart