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"Skid Marked", Way to Die #419, is the seventh and final death to be featured in "Eat, Pray, Die", which aired on August 8, 2011.


"According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 40 seconds... thanks to idiots like these"

Intro Card (Notice of Nick doing "The Circle" on top of a stolen SUV)

A group of car thieves are practicing "ghost riding the whip" (putting the car into gear and dancing alongside it) with a stolen SUV. Two of the thieves' names are Eddie and Nick. Eddie attempts one way on how to do it. First, he starts driving, leaving the SUV in gear, jump out, run alongside it, and dance in front of it as it keeps moving, much to the impression of Nick and his three pals. Eventually, Eddie is done with his show on dancing around the SUV, but not to be outdone, Nick attempts "The Circle," which involves making the car ride in a tight circle while standing atop it. The SUV hits a parking chalk, knocking Nick from the roof of the SUV. While on the ground, the SUV comes around and runs over and breaks both of Nick's legs. The SUV then comes around another time, but this time runs over his entire body, and crushes his testicles as he screams in pain, then it crushes his stomach, chest, lungs, heart, then his neck which puts an end to his screams, then his head, and finally, his brain, killing him, much to the horror of Eddie and his three pals.

"Wanna see something go from bad to worse?"

Cast and Interviewees

  • Quentin Miles - Eddie (lead)
  • Unknown Actor - Nick (uncredited; intended victim)
  • Al Hamad - Ghost Rider
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Surgeon

Alternative Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV website

"A moron becomes another statistic in the dangerous hobby of “ghost-riding” ones car."

Foreign names

  • Marcado de Pneu (Tire Marked) - Brazilian dub


  • Also called "Ghost Rider" on the Spike TV website.
  • The corpse looks almost identical to the corpse that was in the death that aired 14 episodes earlier, Trucked Up (Way To Die #416), except it is lying on its back, rather than lying on its chest. Additionally, the cause of death is much more serious and painful than said death, since more body parts (The legs, crotch, stomach, chest, lungs, heart and neck) of the victim are crushed by the tires of a vehicle, and not just the head and the brain. Finally, the victim's demise is way worse than that of the victim in the aforementioned death, since the victim in this one is a very idiotic thief, while the victim in Trucked Up is just a typically obnoxious teenager and the cousin of a young, hardworking man.
  • It is based on the death of Davender Gulley.
  • If you listen closely, the song from Caulk Blocked can be heard.

Segment Nicknames

  • Ghost Rider (Spike TV)

    Eddie (Portrayed by Quentin Miles) as seen in the clip.

    Nick's demise