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Say cheese, you heartless bitch.

There's your answer, Alexis. Take it or leave it.

"Sky Scraped", Way to Die #596, is the second death featured in "Crying Over Spilled Blood", which aired on July 15, 2012.


If you fell behind on your mortgage payments, you had better hope that the person who runs the mortgaging department of the bank isn't someone like Alexis.

She is a sadistic and mean-spirited witch who enjoys her clients' miserable reactions when she forecloses on their homes, as well as to act condescending and rude towards them if they object. Furthermore, the loans are insured, so the bank can make a hefty profit by selling off the foreclosed homes.

One day, while looking out of the window of the eighty-floor office building where she works, Alexis wonders how many more lives she can ruin this time, only for Lady Karma to give the twisted banker her answer... none.

A freak wind storm, combined with the building's negative air pressure, violently implodes the window, causing Alexis to be pierced and cut down by hundreds of glass shards. One shard severs her auxiliary artery, causing her to quickly bleed out and end up in the red, sending the hateful witch to hell where she belongs.

"Alexis looks out from 80 stories up, and wonders how many more lives she can ruin...none."

Cast and Interviewees

  • JoAnne McGrath - Alexis (lead: intended victim)
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan (Orthopedic Surgeon)


  • Also called "Wind-Owned" on the Spike TV (now Paramount Network) website.
  • In the German version, one of the conversations is extended.
  • This death continues the streak of dying from broken glass, with the exception of Odds Are You're Dead.

Segment Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV (now Paramount Network) website

  • "A crooked female mortgage banker gets fatally impaled by flying shards of glass when her office window explodes from high winds."

Foreign names

  • Rasca-se-fue-al-cielo (Scratch-it-went-to-heaven; An pun of Skycraper and "go to heaven") - Latin American dub
  • Acribillada (Besieged) - Spanish dub
  • MV5BMTc4MjI1MDg0Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODU4MzUyMjE@. V1 UY100 CR16,0,100,100 AL .jpg
    Zwangsvollstreckt (Enforced) - German dub
  • Utamangin ma kasangan kutongas (Much of glass breaking) - Lazoran dub