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"Smother-In-Law", Way to Die #326, is the fourth death to be featured in "Today's Special: Death", which aired on August 1, 2011.


Barbara, a meddlesome, racist, hateful, shrewish, obnoxious and overweight mother-in-law, pesters her daughter-in-law named Sabrina by nagging her about her son's food preferences. Sabrina is cooking vegetables for her husband Mitch (her mother-in-law's son). Barbara puts cheese on the vegetables when Sabrina tells her not to, and Barbara refuses to listen to her. Barbara reveals to Sabrina that Mitch has lost weight since he has been with Sabrina. After learning of Mitch having lost weight, Sabrina reveals to Barbara that Barbara is a selfish, racist, overweight, disgusting witch.

"Well no wonder look at you "

Taking offense, Barbara calls Sabrina a "dirty little witch" while giving her a violent slap in the face. In anger, Sabrina stabs the knife into the wooden knife holder and leaves the kitchen. After allowing Sabrina to stay out of the kitchen, Barbara then tries to cook a frozen pizza in the fridge. The pizza was wedged in the other groceries.

The force of Barbara's tugging sends the refrigerator crashing down on her. When the freezer falls on top of her, the sharp end of the door cuts through her jugular vein and carotid artery while the rest of the refrigerator breaks her skull into pieces, and she dies instantly as a result, sending the racist mother-in-law to hell where she belongs.

"Now with her daughter-in-law out of the way, it was time to cook some real food. That's when Barbara... got the cold shoulder."

Interviewees and Cast

Alternative Description

  • "A racist and hateful mother-in-law is criticizing her daughter-in-law's every move in the kitchen when she slips and grabs the fridge handle, causing the entire appliance to crush her." (Spike TV website)


  • In the German dub, this death was depicted to have taken place in Indiana instead of Ohio.
  • This could be based on the real-life death of a Canadian student.
  • The spike tv website description mistakenly says that Barbara was crushed to death by the oven.
  • Barbara's death is similar to that of Cuddles' death in Happy Tree Friends episodes, "Water You Wading For" and Sniffles' death in Happy Tree Friends episodes, "As You Wish".
  • Despite being called Smother-In-Law, Barbara dies not from smothering, but a cut on her jugular vein.

Segment Nicknames

  • Monster-In-Law Knows Worst (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Suegra Congelada (Frozen Mother-in-law) - Latin American dub
  • Suegra Plasta (Bore Mother-in-law) - Spanish dub
  • Das schwiegermonster(The monster-in-law) - German dub
  • a-morte de sogra (a mother-in-law's death)