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"Snake du Jour", Way to Die #142, is the seventh and final death to be featured in "Death Watch", which aired on January 27, 2010.


Chef Wang is the head chef of an illegal underground restaurant. Why is it illegal? The foods he cook are made from endangered and protected animals. He told his assistant that his tonight's dish is a king cobra.

"Before Chef Wang had a chance to cut into his cobra, it got loose..."

He crawls on the floor and tried to capture the angry venomous snake. While attempting to catch it by charming it in order to get his attention, the angry venomous snake bites him by the face through his skull, leaving Chef Wang screaming in pain. His assistant is left completely horrified to see the infection across his face, which ironically looks like a snake's head, after he falls into a coma and dies from the venom and goes to hell where he belongs.


  • Michael Lehr - Wang (lead: intended victim)
  • Jules Sylvester - Animal Expert


  • This is the death where the person is named Wang (Chef Wang). The other ones are Well Chung (Wang-Chung, the fatal victim from Well Chung) and Kung Pao Pow (Wang, the deceased Chinese with gold tooth stolen by Mr. Chung, the fatal victim from Kung Pao Pow!!!).
  • This is similar to the death of ali khan sumsadin

Segment Nicknames

  • Recipe for Disaster