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"Snakey Breaky Neck", Way to Die #224, is the fourth death to be featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24, 2010.


Preston was on an adventure. A rich spoiled kid, he had paid for a guide to lead him through the Brazilian jungle so he would have something to brag about with his rich, preppy friends. But he was no Indiana Jones. One night away from his 4-star hotel and he was already regretting it. All he really wanted to do is to explore the territory hidden underneath his guide's shorts. It was a miserable Preston who laid down for much needed siesta. He woke from a dream into a nightmare. He didn't have to worry about tarantulas on Preston. The jungle was teaching Preston a hard lesson; nature is a witch. A 15-foot boa constrictor began to squeeze Preston's neck. Unable to cry for help, he was quickly running out of air and time. The snake kept tightening its grip around Preston's throat. In less than 2 minutes, the spoiled adventurer was choked and suffocated to death.

"The jungle was teaching Preston a hard lesson: nature was a bitch."


  • Jules Sylvester - Wild Animal Trainer/Wrangler


  • It is the first death to take place in Brazil.

Segment Nicknames

  • Indiana Boned