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"Spastic Surgery", Way to Die #711, is the first death to be featured in "Death – Putting The "Fun" In "Funeral", which aired on February 22, 2012.


Katrina went through a recent gastric bypass surgery and is meeting her husband, whom she wants to divorce with, at a local restaurant. While she presents him with some divorce papers, Katrina then goes into a coughing fit and causes a pair of surgical forceps (which were left inside during the surgery) to rupture her stomach. Katrina then dies on the table.

"Time to play the 1000 ways to die game 'who or what killed Katrina' ,Was it her husband... who just got served divorce papers? Or the waiter... who wanted to server all Katrina's needs? Maybe even a secret lover? Figured it out yet? Well, here comes a nice sharp and bloody clue... It was the plastic surgeon"



  • Also known as "Bor D'oh"(perhaps mistakenly) on the Spike TV website.
  • It is probably based on Kane's death from the movie Alien.
  • On January 19, 2012, A 53-year-old Bolivian woman had to undergo emergency surgery to remove two 16-centimeter long forceps that were inside her abdomen for 16 years after undergoing gallbladder surgery in the city of Cochabamba.

Segment Nicknames

  • Bor D'oh (Spike TV)

    "Give me a divorce!"