Way to Die #147
Name of the death is a pun on "platform" and "splat"
"For T-Bone, life was just a party. He danced to the beat and put on a show. Now, he's a deadbeat, and that's... fo' sho'. Can you dig it?"
Date September 5, 1977
Location Harlem, New York
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death, The New Black"
"Belly'd Up"
"Dill D'oh!"

"Splat-formed", Way to Die #147, is the first death to be featured in "Death, The New Black", which aired on July 18, 2011.


A cocaine dealer named T-Bone, who was also addicted to the drug he sold, goes to a disco to show off his moves and have fun. When he trips in his platform shoes, the spearheaded end of his male symbol necklace pierces his jugular vein, and he bleeds to death. Since he was on cocaine and danced at the same time, that increased his heart rate which made his heart pump blood faster.


  • Rev. Daina House - Miss January 1976
  • Dr. Rob Shapiro - Surgeon


  • Also called "Dead as Disco" on the Spike TV website.

Segment Nicknames

  • Dead as Disco (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Todes tanz (Death dance) - German dub
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