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On February 20, 1991, the crew on the USS Roosevelt Carrier witnessed a terrifying experience involving a jet and a crew member. It is the eight escaped death in 1000 Ways to Die.

Episode: The Good, The Bad, and the Dead

How it unfolded

J.D. Bridges was working on the carrier of the USS Roosevelt and proved every jet for security before taking of. On the Night of February 20, 1991 things changed when J.D. Bridges stepped too close to the jet engine in a near standing position as opposed to the routine crouched position and literally got sucked into the engine. His equipment got sucked in before him, causing the blades within to break and the engine to flame out, had he gone in before his goggles and helmet, he would've certainly been juiced, he was also lucky as the cone on the blade prevented him from going any further in. It took approximately 3 minutes for the engine to shut down, after which he managed to walk away practically unscathed, aside from a broken collarbone and other cuts and bruises. The video footage of the incident has been, while in the public domain, retained by the US Armed Forces as a demonstration video for what could go wrong if you don't follow procedure.


J.D. Bridges - former boatswain on the flight deck