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The Mike Staley Incident unfolded on February 11, 1990 on the Daytona Speedway in Florida. It is the first escaped death to be featured in 1000 Ways to Die.

How it unfolded

Paramedic Mike Staley was chosen to be stationed at the Daytona Speedway to save the life of racers. After a racer loses control over his vehicle it crashes into Staley, sending him flying through the air with the car nearly running him over after hitting the ground. Paramedics had to fly him to a nearby hospital in hope that he wouldn't die from his injuries before he hits the hospital. Surgeons had to literally put him back together and who'd thought, Staley was still alive and serious injuries were prevented."For Staley it was the worst and luckiest day all at once"


  • Someone did actually die in this segment, but he was never mentioned. It was a driver named Julius David "Slick" Johnson III. He died from skull fractures and a crushed chest.


  • Mike Staley - Paramedic
  • Unnamed Doctor