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The Motorcycle Accident in Lake El Mirage, California involved a world record attempt in breaking the record for "fastest speed on a motorcycle". It's the third escaped Death.

Episode: Unforced Errors

How it unfolded

Ron Cook's plan was it to break the record for the fastest speed on a motorcycle on the Lake El Mirage. What's unique however is that he used laughing gas for breaking the record. At the speeds of 200 MPH his bike crashes into the hard ground. The bike was a complete mess when it stopped rolling around. What's more important is that Ron is still alive but has 5 broken bones in his right leg, 4 broken bones in his right arm and many cuts and burn wounds in third and fourth degree. The record he wanted was not achieved, but a different one was "survived the fastest motorcycle crash in the world with 200 MPH".


Ron Cook - Racer