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"Suck & Blown", Way to Die #180, is the sixth death featured in "Killing Them Softly", which aired March 9, 2011.


"What do we got here? A couple of losers checking out some tale? It's worse than that."

Zeke and Lyle were two scammers attempting to siphon gasoline from cars, hoping to make money by selling the gas on the black market. Siphoning means sucking out gasoline from the car gas tank with a tube. However, they were not good at siphoning and ended up swallowing more gasoline than collecting. They decided to use a traditional vacuum cleaner to siphon gas from a van faster, but the vacuum's electric fan produced a spark and when combined with all the great amounts of gasoline caused a catastrophic explosion. Zeke and Lyle were right in front of the explosion too, so shrapnel easily made it to their brains, causing hemorrhaging and instant death, leaving a black stain on the van.

"Looks like their 'new siphoning system' needs work"

Cast and Interviewees

  • Neal Polister - Lyle (lead: intended victim)
  • Miguel Porras - Police Officer
  • Dr. Bal Raj - Orthopedic Surgeon

Alternative Name

  • Suck and Blow (Spike TV website)



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