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"Suck Her Punched", Way to Die #217, is the third death to be featured in "Bringing in the Dead", which aired on January 6, 2010.


Bobby “Sledgehammer” Jones is a light-weight promising boxer with a powerful right cross; to get that cross, his trained has a trick: question his manhood while training with a question “Are you a lady?”.

After training, we learn Bobby has a singular secret, he also cross-dresses as a woman to calm down after a workout.

“After every workout, the macho fighter choose an unusual way to recover. He entered the locker room as a man, and walk out… a woman.”

Outside the boxing gym, an unnamed rapist mistakes him for a real woman from behind. After the rapist attacks him and calls Jones a lady, he punches the rapist in the temple with a powerful right cross with so much force that the rapist's brain compresses and bleeds out inside his skull. The rapist then passes out and dies due to blood loss and brain damage, sending him to hell as he deserves.

Segment description

A cross-dressing African American male boxer named Bobby Jones angrily killed the unnamed rapist by punching him in the temple with a powerful right cross after the unnamed rapist mistakes him for an actual woman from behind as revenge for calling him a lady.


  • Kiki - Cross Dresser
  • Dr. Lydia Lam - Trauma Surgeon
  • Kaiden Sakalo - Bobby (lead)