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Way to Die #301
"Sucked Offed"
Name of the death is a pun on "sucked off"
301- Sucked Offed.png
"If she doesn't die from lack of blood or loss of blood, she would die of exposure. Too weak, couldn't even call for help eventually, and she would just die of exposure and she would become a... basically a blowfly picnic, wouldn't she? *chuckles*"
Date February 3, 2000
Location Buffalo Lake
Amarillo, Texas
Episode this death
was featured in
"The Good, The Bad, and the Dead"
"Bad Hair Day"
"Funny Boned"

"Sucked Offed", Way to Die #301, is the third death to be featured in "The Good, The Bad, and the Dead", which aired on March 8, 2009.


A convicted murderer and drug dealer named Carmen had been sentenced to life in a Texas prison with no chance of parole, but she took her chances and escaped, hoping to open a meth lab after crossing the border into Mexico. On the run from authorities, she ducks into a lake swarming with leeches. The lake was at a chilly 55°F, which made it a perfect cover for the leeches to suck away at her skin. As soon as the officers leave over an hour later, Carmen crawls out of the water, but is too weak to move due to hypothermia and blood loss, resulting in death from exposure, sending the monstrous criminal to hell where she belongs to.

"With no place left to run, she hit the ice-cold water. But without knowing it, Carmen had jumped out of the frying pan, and into the fire, straight into the clutches of a hidden enemy..."

Alternative Title

  • Son of a Leech (Spike TV Website)


  • The doggerel quote at the end was said by one of the interviewees Jules Sylvester instead of the narrator.
  • This segment is based on the sequence from "Stand By Me" (1986), where four friends enjoyed swimming until leeches got onto their body. They tried to get the leeches off their bodies until one of them fainted because he was drained of blood from a leech, though his friends woke him up and he survived.

Foreign names

  • Succionada por Sanguijuelas (Sucked by Leeches) - Latin American dub
  • Exprimida (Squeezed) - Spanish dub
  • Ausgelutscht (Sucked Out) - German dub