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"Tanked Girl", Way to Die #710, is the sixth death to be featured in "Cure for the Common Death, Part I", which aired on March 22, 2009.


Sandy (Irena Murphy) was a female scuba diver who cheated death after her oxygen tank failed and she was forced to make an emergency swim to the surface. She currently rests in a decompression chamber in order for nitrogen bubbles in her body to dissolve into her bloodstream. Sandy must wait hours before she can exit. But Sandy doesn't mind; she prefers boredom over death. Unfortunately, a maintenance worker at the scuba center accidentally opens the hatch to the chamber. In a nanosecond, the pressure is released into the chamber causing the nitrogen in Sandy's body to mix with oxygen and expand. Sandy explodes, literally.

"Unfortunately, the Grim Reaper had other plans for this sexy scuba goddess."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Irena Murphy - Sandy (lead: intended victim)
  • Mike Segda - Scuba Diving Expert


  • This is based on the death of Milton Krest in the 1989 James Bond film, Licence to Kill. It also shares some similarity with a publicized Byford-Dolphin incident that took place in 1983 which caused the death of 4 scuba divers after the pressure in their chamber went from 9 atmospheres to 1 in less than a second.
  • In Muhammad, Saudi Arabia a American-Arabic man named Dennis Guatosik exploded of too much oxygen in the body.

Segment Nicknames

  • A Lady in the Tank

Foreign names

  • Luft raus (Air out) - German dub
  • Muchacha Explosiva (Exploding Girl) - Latin American dub.
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