Way to Die #358
Name of the death is a pun on "teriyaki"
"Iyoki wanted to be a master chef, but without all the training. Hey Iyoki, you can't take the heat, don't get knocked out by a giant Buddha and fry your face off, you dummy!"
Date October 5, 2006
Location Bremerton, Washington
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Penalties"
"Anger Damagement/Bowled Over"
"Keester Sunday"

"Teri-Yucky", Way to Die #358, is the third death featured in "Death Penalties", which aired on February 29, 2012.


Iyoki is a busboy who works at a Benihana-style Japanese grill restaurant called Buddha Ha Ha in Bremerton, where he admires the head chef, Ito and hopes to one day take over for him. Every night after the restaurant closes, Ito ties up his precious knives within a napkin, and locks them within a safe. One night, when Ito went home, Iyoki breaks into the safe and takes the knives, role-playing as a head chef. Iyoki then performs a knife throw, but throws the knife too high in the air, although he successfully catches it and gets lucky. However, while the knife was thrown into the air, it cuts through a support rope holding up a giant Buddha head behind it. The head falls forward, pinning Iyoki's face against the hot griddle. Iyoki dies from fatal burns, not very lucky. After 10 minutes, Grilled Iyoki is a new dish created, sending him to heaven. It becomes obvious that people won't be seeing Iyoki anymore on the next day.


  • Danny Chan
  • Dr. Steven Burstein

Segment Nickname

  • Burning Japanese (Spike Website)
  • Buddha Wah Wah (Alternative Name)
  • Die-Oki
  • Buddha Burned
  • Buddha’s Best Bite


  • Also called "Burning Japanese" on the Spike website.
  • The name of the victim has changed in the Latin America Version (Aoki).

Foreign names

  • Cocinero a la plancha (Griddled Chef) - Latin American dub.
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