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"Text Dead", Way To Die #78, is the third death featured in "Death: A User's Manual", which has been originally aired March 29, 2009.


Tricia and Chet were texters. Chet was driving while Tricia was walking, but now their death clock was ticking. The problem was that they didn't know when to stop. Tricia was walking around town, arguing with Chet about where to pick her up.

"Chet thought he could text away while driving. That was dangerous."

Most of those drivers enter an irreversible situation, thinking that once they start texting, they have to finish that text, before they continue driving. But it is highly advised that you shouldn't do this in the first place.

"Tricia thought she could walk and text, never looking up from the screen. That was stupid. We all know what happens when stupid meets dangerous..."

When Chet encounters Tricia walking down the road, he doesn't see Tricia until he hits her, crushing her organs and killing her instantly.


  • Stephen Timmermans - Sociologist
  • Robert Jay Stahl - Driving Instructor
  • T. Ryan Mooney - Chet (lead, Also portrayed Gomer in Greased Is The Word)
  • Victoria Garza - Tricia (lead: intended victim)


  • This segment was based on true stories about texting-while-driving. Several people got into accidents that caused death.
  • If you look closely in the back ground in the truck's POV before Tricia gets hit, everyone walking is also texting.


  • Chet has an iPhone, when he was texting to Tricia. iPhones weren't available on the market until two years later; he must have had a regular phone to text to Tricia.
  • A 2007 Honda CR-V can be seen despite it was set in 2005.
  • Tricia is seen in a ponytail while texting, but if you look closely as she's gets run over, her hair appears to be down, and as she collapses on the ground dead, her ponytail is back.
  • After Tricia's dead body dropped to the ground along with her phone, the latter said that Chet's message was sent on Friday, October 18, even though the death takes place on August 15.

Segment Nicknames

  • Dead Message

Foreign names

  • Die letzte SMS (The Last SMS) - German dub
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