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"Thanks A Clot", Way to Die #753, is the fourth death featured in "Grave Errors", which aired on March 2, 2011.


Honesto is a Filipino scam artist posing as a "psychic" surgeon, claiming to heal people by pulling out disease-ridden organs from their bodies by sleight of hand (It was really just bloody animal parts in a bowl beside the table). A patient later comes in suffering from leprosy. Honesto accidentally comes into contact with the patient's mucus while waving his hands over his body. A month later, Honesto begins to develop skin lesions on his arms. His assistant leaves, knowing the man is suffering from leprosy. A few months later, Honesto is dying and clutches onto his now meaningless cash while crawling out of his hut. Then, a blood clot swims into his lungs and stops his black heart, killing him, sending the black-hearted scammer to Hell where he belongs to.

"Honesto started circling the death drain soon after treating a local lepor. If he had actually gone to medical school, he would've proceeded with extreme caution. he would've known that the only way to contract leprosy was through contact with open sores and infected nasal mucus."


  • D.J. Grothe - Illusion Debunker
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Cardiac Electrophysiologist


  • This is the only death to feature a Filipino's death.
    • Also the only death to happen in the Philippines.
  • This death is also known as "Dr. Doctor" on the Spike TV website.
  • This death has the shortest doggerel quote ever said in terms of characters, not counting the deaths which had no doggerel quote, which are usually found in the first season. 
    • The doggerel is a reference to Bugs Bunny's catchphrase and a Looney Tunes sound effect is heard just before the deathcard shows up. 

Foreign names

  • Dinero Infectado (Infected Money) - Latin American dub.