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"That's A Morte!", Way to Die #450, is the second death featured in "Today's Special: Death", which aired on August 1, 2011.


An Italian statesman suspects his wife, Caterina, of being unfaithful and puts her in a chastity belt to keep other men away from her. Unbeknownst to the husband, his suspicions are proven right. One of Caterina's lovers comes up with a plan to slip off the chastity belt by soaking her in a tub of oil and water. The belt comes off and the two have sex. This process is repeated for several days, causing scratches on Caterina's skin from the rust, which causes her to develop Tetanus or "Rust Poisoning".

"But when her horny hubby came back, he discovered Caterina was a little... rusty."

Right when her husband returns from his business trip, Caterina's Tetanus reaches it's final stage and she expires right then and there.

Just another reason why lock picks were invented.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Nadia Lanfranconi - Caterina (lead: intended victim)
  • Jason Sarrow - Chasity Belt Expert
  • Drew Badger - Toxicologist

Alternative Description

  • "A woman in renaissance Italy wears a chastity belt as part of a ruse to deceive her husband, but dies of a bacterial infection from the rust" (Spike TV website)

Alternative Name

  • "Lust Poisoning" (Spike TV website)


  • Also called "Lust Poisoning" on the Spike TV website.
  • This death took place in July 25, 1580 instead of June in the German version.
  • There are 3 Italian words notified through the segment:1) Puttana= Whore. 2) Grilletto= Vagina. and 3) Conigli= Rabbits.
  • The Italian word "Morte" in the death title translates as "death".

Foreign names

  • Que Morte! (What a Morte!) - Latin American dub
  • isso é a morte (that's a morte) - Brazilian dub
  • Oxidada (Rusted) - Spanish dub
  • Thatsamorte.png
    Wer betrügt, der rostet (Who is cheating, you rust) - German dub