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"Titty Titty Bang Bang", Way to Die #948, is the first death to be featured in "Death On Arrival", which aired on December 6, 2009, and the tenth and final death to be featured in the Death By Request: Special episode, which aired on October 24, 2011.


Connie was a young temp worker whose acting career fizzled out. She decided to become a stripper, thinking that things will change, but she didn't have breasts as big as a typical stripper, so she opened up her laptop, searched for the closest boob job in San Diego, and found a doctor that specialized in breast implants. The next day, she shows up at the doctor's office, pays for the expensive surgery, and goes to his operating room. Connie tells the surgeon that she wants "melons, gazongas, bonkers" and she doesn't want to see her own feet. In other words, she wants the biggest breast implants imaginable. The doctor promises to give her the biggest "tatas" in all of southern California. On the patient bed, Connie is put to sleep for the operation, and the surgeon starts working on her breasts.

Two weeks later, Connie boards a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada, dressed for her new stripper job. To go along with her big breasts, she had her hair and makeup done, and she even wore a mini-skirted blouse tight enough to expose her chest and show her nipples poking through. Every woman on the plane grew jealous of her massive lumps, and one woman snapped her father out of staring Connie down. Plus, one man sat behind Connie, put her arm holder down, and grazed her breast. She enjoyed all the attention she attracted and she felt confident in her newfound sexiness and the new life her boobs would give her.

When the plane took off, Connie's chest started to feel strange because it turns out that she got what she paid for. The plastic surgeon used substandard implants that are barely a step above water balloons. As the balloons get bigger and the compression gets higher, Connie starts screaming. A man accuses her of having a bomb in her chest, but she said that it's only her boobs. Then, after a little bit, everyone starts screaming and a woman points at Connie's chest. The bigger her chest grew, the more her blouse stretched and nipples grew. The stewardesses tried to help her out while calming the passengers down, but there was nothing they could do.

"When the plane hit 20,000 feet..."

Connie's breasts finally explode. Blood and breast matter spews onto the walls, seats, and people's faces and bodies, whether they tried to avoid the blast or not. Connie sits on her seat in an upright position, lifeless and covered in blood. The passengers are visibly traumatized by this experience as they stare at Connie's corpse.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Audrey Tommassini - Connie (lead: intended victim)
  • Abhi Trivedi - Plastic Surgeon (lead)
  • Ryn Harrison - Flight Attendant (lead)
  • Trevor Algatt - Screaming Male Victim (lead)
  • Dr. Max Lehfeldt - Himself (Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Steven Kim - Himself (Biochemist)

Alternate Names/Nicknames

  • Breast, Expand, Explode
  • Terror at 20,000 Ft.
  • Tits on a Plane
  • Explosive Titties
  • Bad Explosions (Spike TV)


  • Also called "Bad Explosions" on the Spike TV website.
  • Connie name may be based on Connie Culp.
  • This way to die is based on an incident that involved a Russian woman after she had a boob job. Irina D.'s (she did not share her last name) boob implants ruptured at a Californian airport after the flight, but she survived.
  • This death scene is awarded the "Deathiest Death" in the Death By Request: Special episode, and is considered a "fan favorite", as said by the narrator in the same episode.
  • Viewed over 7 million times on YouTube, this is the most popular death on 1,000 Ways to Die and on the now-defunct Spike website. Lots of people have re-uploaded this death on YouTube.
  • Titty Titty Bang Bang is well known to fans of breast expansion, a fetish that revolves around a woman's breasts growing within an immediate period of time.
  • When passengers thought Connie's breasts were bombs, she told them "No, it's just my boobs! They're implants!"
  • After the explosion, everyone was covered in Connie's blood. However, a closer examination shows that her hair and eyes remain bloodless.
  • The Discovery Channel series MythBusters examined the urban legend in 2003 and found that there was negligible expansion of breast implants at atmospheric pressure equivalent to flying at 35,000 feet. Further reducing the pressure, the conditions would be lethal to humans through lack of oxygen long before implants ruptured.
  • It is the first death of season 2.
  • Although it never explained how she died, it is possible that the chunk of meat that flew onto a passenger's face could've been her heart. Either that, or it was from blood loss.
  • If viewers watched this show, who wouldn't know this death?
  • This death was #5 in WatchMojo's "Top 10 1000 Ways to Die Deaths."
  • This death is twice as long as the other segments of the show, like Apocalypse Harley.
  • This death takes place on the same day as Bibli-killed and Info-Pain-Ment.
  • This death has the most witnesses, since it takes place in a plane heading to Vegas.
  • This is the first death to feature the new intro and outro theme, used in all of the modern 1000 Ways episodes.
  • The German dub cuts out the moment where chunks of blood and meat lands on passengers' faces.
    1. Also, just like with Broke-Back Cowboy, the title is in English.
    2. Also, just like Half-Offed, this death screaming and looking down.

Foreign names

  • Senos Explosivos (Explosive Breasts) - Latin American dub
  • Delantera Explosiva (Explosive Front) - Spanish dub
  • Peitinho, Peitão, Tchau Tchau (Little boob, Big Boob, Bye Bye) - Brazilian dub