Way to Die #517
"Tongue Tied"
Name of the death is a pun on "tongue tied"
Tongue Tied.png
"The two drivers should have slowed down their cars at the same time, but they didn't use their heads. So instead, Mike and Jade lost theirs. Kids these days do some pretty dumb things. These two could have used a simple... heads up."
Date April 16, 2006
Location Long Beach, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Stupid is as Stupid Dies"
"Jake N' Baked"

"Tongue Tied", Way to Die #517, is the seventh death to be featured in "Stupid is as Stupid Dies", which aired on October 20, 2010.


1000 Ways to Die - Tongue Tied

The death.


A huge group of rich 20 year-olds wasted their trust funds on fashion items and muscle cars. Mike and Jade were the most extreme of the bunch, who had piercings on almost every part of their body. Jade wanted to show off her tongue ring. Mike and Jade began kissing in opposite cars while the rest drove the cars and watched. They would stop kissing when they came close to a stationery object. In this case, a forklift. When they were nearing it they attempted to stop kissing, but their tongue rings were tied and they were stuck kissing. The cars were going too fast to stop, and the two forks of the forklift cleanly decapitated Mike and Jade's heads off. After Mike and Jade's bodies lost consciousness, Jade's friend got out of her car and started crying over her and Mike's demise.

foreign names

  • trava língua ( a oun on travado (stuck) língua (tongue) and trava-língua (tongue twister


  • The red convertible is a 1961 Ford Thunderbird and the white convertible is a 1967 Dodge Coronet 500.
    Tongue Tied.jpg


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