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"Trailer Trashed", Way to Die #230, is the second death featured in "Dead and Deader", which aired on February 15, 2009.


A newly married man named Chuck buys a 1952 Royal Spartenette trailer home for he and his wife, Roxanne. He cleans every inch of his new home, but has trouble unclogging the home's toilet. Chuck attempts to unclog the toilet with bleach since other attempts to unclog it are unsuccessful.

"Chemical warfare was the only answer. Chuck poured a gallon of bleach down the trailer's poop chute, and waited. From the darkness below, came a response..."

The bleach reacts with the sewage, creating a cloud of chlorine gas, which suffocates him.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Dr. Steven Kim - Biochemist
  • Katrinci Sabahat - Roxanne


  • Goof: The scene is set in 1979, and the man's new RV is from 1952. But Ron Perlman said the toilet suffered "50 years sludge". By the times, it would have only suffered 27 years.
  • The women who played Roxanne, Katrinci Sabaha, also played Mary in Way to Die #442.
  • Chlorine Gas was most famously used in WW1. The incident was called ''The Attack Of The Dead Men''

Segment Nickname

  • To Cramps in the Van (Spike TV Website)
  • Clogged N’ Killed
  • Gas Away
  • Smoked
  • Gas N' Noses

Foreign names

  • Intoxicado en la Casa Rodante (Intoxicated in the Motorhome) - Latin American dub
  • A Retortijones en la Caravana (To Cramps in the Van) - Spanish dub