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"Tread Marked", Way to Die #160, is the third death featured in "It's a Dead, Dead, Dead World", which aired on July 15, 2012.


This is a story about Jed (an outlaw), Ted (a junk scavenger), and a tire. Ted finds the tire and he attempts to pull it into his truck. Meanwhile, down the road, Jed is drunk-driving, until he is stopped by a police officer (which is something he really hates). Jed acts impolite to the police officer and freely admits that he's been drunk-driving to the police officer, and when asked to get out of his car, Jed manages to subdue the officer by tasering him and stealing his gun in a standoff. Meanwhile, Ted slips up in the bed of his truck and loses the tire. Back at the scene where the officer is, Jed is about to shoot him when all of a sudden, the same tire that Ted attempted to pull it into his truck rolls down the hill and hits the Jed on the right side of his body, causing him to die from multiple injuries sustained from the tire, as well as his head hitting the street pavement, crushing his frontal lobes and sending the heartless outlaw to Hell where he belongs and as he deserves.


  • Dr. Duncan McBride - Neurotrama Surgeon


  • In the German version, the scene where the police officer pulls over Jed is extended with Jed saying "I don't need a permit for my firearm. I said I'ma American that's what we do. We drink, and we shoot stuff. So what, I pay my taxes, I pay your salary."


  • Factual Error: It is almost impossible to tackle a police officer, plus the officer should had more than one gun, or a walkie-talkie to call for backup.
  • Plot Hole: When we see the tire rolling away from Ted's truck, the road appeared to curve at the end. According to the narrator, this happened miles away from Jed tackling the officer, but the tire somehow managed to make turns and find him, without anything to stop it.

Segment Nicknames

  • Tire Straits (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • La Rueda del Destino (The Wheel of Fate) - Latin American and Spanish dubs
  • Ausgereift (Matured) - German dub
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