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"Tree Mugger",Way to Die #176, is the seventh and last death to be featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24, 2010.


Construction sites deep in the wilderness were having a battle between man and nature, and so far, man is winning. But a nature enthusiast who calls himself "Root-Dog" chains himself to a tree in protest to it being cut down. He is able to get rid of the construction workers, and they just shrug and proceed to cut other trees. Then he ends up meeting another friend of Mother Nature, a grizzly bear. Okay, maybe not very friendly because this beast of the forest shows up and bites on his arm. As Root Dog screams, the bear bites down into the Root Dog's stomach and pulls out his intestines, as Root Dog screams, "GET OUT! I NEED THAT! I NEED THAT! GO! GO!" And Root Dog becomes lunch for the bear.

"The bear doesn't care what it part it eats, either. It goes right down on Root Dog's...root."

The Deathcard in the German Version


  • Jules Sylvester - Wild Animal Trainer/Wrangler (Only US version)
  • Adria Madison - Environmentalist (Only Italian and German version)
  • Matt Andrade - Root-Dog (lead: intended victim)



  • In the German/Italian version, there is a different image in the deathcard. It is also is the extra segment of "Death Bites!" being the sixth.
    • It also uses a different deathcard theme exclusively used in the German version.
  • The German/Italian version of this death is a lot more dramatic than in the American release, featuring more scenes with Root Dog's panicking.
  • In the German version of "Dead on Dead", it is replaced by Dead Me Stallion.
  • There was a death similar to this in 2002 when a man named Richard Sumner from Denbighshire Wales suffering from Schizophrenia handcuffed himself to a tree and threw the keys away, and he was discovered dead 3 years later.
  • This is based on the death of Timothy Treadwell.
  • It is the final death of Season 2. (Expect for German and Italian dubs)
  • Bhai mati das died similarly

Segment Nicknames

  • Bear-Ly Escape

Foreign names

  • Bärenhunger (Bear hunger) - German dub
  • Ladrón de Arboles (Tree Stealer) - Latin American Dub