Way to Die #416
"Trucked Up"
Name of the death is a pun on "f***ed up" and "truck"
Trucked Up.png
"Todd thought his tricked-out truck made him cooler than anyone else. But all it really did... was make him deader."
Date August 2, 2006
Location Ithaca, NY
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dying To Tell The Story"
"Bed Buggered"

"Trucked Up", Way to Die #416, is the third death to be featured in Dying To Tell The Story, which aired on December 29, 2010.


Leonard shows off his new red car to his girlfriend when his obnoxious cousin Todd comes by and shows off his new black Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck to them. Unlike Leonard, Todd did not have to work to get his ride considering his nature as a spoiled brat; his parents gave him what he wanted. He encourages Leonard to check out his truck, much to his dismay, as the obnoxious cousin shows the features he had in his truck; 22-inch chrome rims, automatic running boards, LED running lights, DVD player, an amazing speaker system, and a real 8-ball on his gear shift. He then gets out of the truck, pulls Leonard's girlfriend to his side to touch the white things mounted on its doors and feel how comfortable they are, and afterwards, he decides to show off his favorite feature on the truck: a remote starter. Leonard and his girlfriend still have no idea what to say as the start button is pressed, only for the truck to suddenly lurch forward and run over Todd, crushing his head and pulverizing his brain tissue, much to the horror of Leonard and his girlfriend.

Turns out, although the manufacturer advised against the remote start function, Todd went for it anyway and while showing off all the accessories on his truck, especially the 8-ball on his gear shift, Todd accidentally switched the truck into gear and when he started up the truck, it lurched forward, popped out of gear, knocked him on the ground and then crushed his skull with the tires.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Mike Monreal - Leonard (lead)
  • Alexis Pascarella - Leonard’s Girlfriend (lead)
  • Dan Glenn - Todd (lead: intended victim)
  • Dr. Marc Kern - Himself (Clinical Psycologist)
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Himself (Surgeon)


  • Before the CGI, the hands of Todd can be seen moving up and down after his head is crushed.


  • This death segment is based on the movie, Maximum Overdrive (1986).
  • This death may have been based on the Happy Tree Friends episode "Doggone It ", where Mime's head is crushed by a car.
  • 14 episodes later, a similar death named Skid Marked (Way To Die #419) features a similar way on how the head of a victim gets crushed by the tires of a vehicle, plus, it also includes the victim showing impression on the other people before death, however, it is not focusing on a truck, but on ghost riding a car.

Foreign names

  • Encamionado (Trucked) - Latin American dub.
  • Plasta Aplastado (Bore Splatted) - Spanish dub



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