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"Two Stoopid", Way to Die #655, is the sixth death to be featured in "Gratefully Dead", which aired on January 13, 2010.


A pair of drunk guys in Portland, Maine decided to make something fun: bungee jump off a cherry-picker. One guy went first to try it out. He jumps off the picker and drops only to hit the ground hard, breaking his ribs, and he dies instantly. As it turns out, he was so drunk he measured the cord wrong.

Little do the guys know that at the same time, another pair of drunks in Reno, Nevada decided to create an extreme sport: Mattress Surfing (Riding on a mattress tied to a truck by a rope). One guy drives the truck while the other hangs onto the rope. But the rope holding the mattress became undone, and he fell off the truck at fast speed and hit the ground hard, breaking most of his bones in his body, and he dies within minutes from internal hemorrhaging.

"Team #1 is thinking bungee jumping off a cherry picker is a good way to kill an afternoon. Team #2 hopes something they call 'Mattress Surfing' will reward them with fame and riches. Both ideas involve extreme stunts, and both are extremely ill-advised. The drunker of the 2 bungee jumpers gets into position 65 feet off the ground...and drops like a sack of hammers. The dumber of the 2 mattress surfers hangs ten, and then starts to wipe out. Drunk bungee man goes splat. He measured the cord wrong. Drunk mattress man discovers a little too late...the ground is hard."

Lessons Learned

  • Idiot Alert!!!
    • Before the stunts: If you are dumb enough to try this at home you will die... and you will deserve it!!!
    • During the stunts: This is what we're talking about, dummy!!!

Death CGI shown during D.J. Green's interview


  • Dr. D.J. Green - Trauma Surgeon


  • These two deaths happened at the same time.
  • The bungee jumping death was the first, and only death to take place in Maine.
  • Two Stoopid.jpg
    The third time they show the Mattress Surfer, you can see that the death had two takes which they use the second take for the final screen.
  • This is one of those deaths which uses a different deathcard theme unlike most other deaths.