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Portal To Death (Death Over Easy) "A man who drinks chemicals"

Sing-Error (Waking Up Dead) "The rapper who wound up losing the battle"

Dis Part Is Offed (Waking Up Dead) "A woman midget slices off"

Carbon Die-Oxidied (Dead On Dead) "Two groundskeepers survive, then a member dies"

Your Dead Homeless (Putting A Happy Face On Death) "What about a homeless person who gets no home"

Work In The Stroke (Die-abestic) "The worker who had a stroke with his girlfriend"

Plant Attack (Death Bites) "Officers might have the...reactions"

Windy Blowout (Fatal Distractions) "The man who got pwned by his window"

Intoxicate-Dead (Deadliest Kitsch) "The alcoholic man who got the shaft"

Wheeled On The Bus (Unforced Errors) "The brother who sang a nursery rhyme, then it was his worst nightmare"

Chain Hanged (Die-abestic) "We met a bomber who commit suicide"

Carnival Crashed (Dead On Dead) "The staff member knows who it feels to be crushed in a carnival"

DJ Death (Stupid As Death Does) "A DJ dies from music"

Yo Gabba Deada (Death Over Easy) "The childish man who ran over the TV"

Fried Day (The Lighter Side Of Death) "Freaky Friday turns into a blackout"

Addicted Technology (Death On Arrival) "A scientist becomes addicted to seizures"

Ass-Trounaut (Wild Wild Death) "An astrounaut pokes his head"

DieCycle (Putting a Happy Face On Death) "Bicycles mean something to nothing"

Knocked Down (Death Is In The House) "The construction worker who was fun to done fixing doors"

Yucky Chemicalist (Wild Wild Death) "Some chemists big nightmare"

Flu in the Air (Die Your Hair) "Sick man flies, then dies"

Piece Out (pun on the phrase Peace Out) (The Lighter Side Of Death) "The man who had last words in a hurricane"

Clan Windowed (Enter The Ferret) "The clan gets sucked, then crushed"

Crime Bashed (Dead and Deader) "Crime scenes do cause harm"

Cruel Red Diseases (Dead and Deader) "The girl who was sick and never cured"

Sales Done (Death Clock) "The salesman meets Satan after being bad"

Fruit Punched Off (Tweets From The Dead) "Three thiefs collapses dead while a robbery with juice"

Skidoo-Died (Unforced Errors) "A cashier went crazy...to dizzy"

Old Air-Shit (Killing Them Softly) "The woodpecker gets his target"

Car Boned (A New App Called Death) "A pedestrian goes dead"

Anar-Chain Banged (Inability Charges) "A anarchy owner fell down on the job"

Beyblade Gloated (Dead And Deadly) "Some beyblade gamers get torchured by their beyblade"

Skin-Eye Person (Death For Lunch) "A girl who got her eye skinny"

Hippo-Di-Angle Done (Death Takes A Vacation) "The last piece of a hippo is the cause of death for Don"


(Survival #1)

Suspect: Enrique DaKona

Survival Type: Car Accident

Location: Trevor City, USA

Episode: Grave Decisions

(Survival #2)

Suspect: Siemo Fardise and Davida Queros

Survival Type: Crushing

Location: Lartian, South Kretta, Mexico

Episode: Crying Over Spilled Blood

(Survival #3)

Suspect: Leann Dil

Survival Type: Stroke

Location: Replisar Hospital, Replisar, Russia

Episode: Unforced Errors

(Survival #4)

Suspect: E. Vein Gardner

Survival Type: Tornado

Location: Lilverge, Spain

Episode: Dead on Dead

(Survival #5)

Suspect: Conrad Bahzki Bauer

Survival Type: Head collision

Location: Kenny Kobs Driving School, Aspreddi, USA

Episode: Death For Lunch

(Survival #6)

Suspect: Ricardo Eantili

Survival Type: Poisoning

Location: Ricardo’s House, Salvador, Brazil

Episode: Death at Dead

(Survival #7)

Suspect: Luz "Lizzy" Deuhick Callandi

Survival Type: Fire

Location: Dbagi Air, Dbagi, Saudi Arabia

Episode: Sor-Dead Affair