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Fake ways to die.

Okay,so these are some ways to die that i think kwould be exellent to be on the show, they are all just some of my ideas. this is all for fun. Oh & i would love to hear some of your suggestions and/or comments. Enjoy

Way to die #483 Dino-Sore

Location: Washington DC

Date: April 23rd 2006

Gary was a mueseum theif, he was infamous for his clean & unsolved heists. One of his most recent was a theft of a lovely greco-roman bust. Tonight he was at a museum. His target: An Elvisaurus skull. Elvisaurus was one of the dinosaur skeletons on display at the triassic exhibit. First he had to neutralize the gaurd. he pulled a tranquillizer dart gun out to shoot him. first shot hit one of the vertibrates of the elvisaurus skeleton. second shot, hit the gaurd in the side & he was completely unconcious. Gary made his move for the skeleton. first he had put three suport jacks underneath the head to prevent it from falling & breaking. then he had to put in girders in the corners of the mouth to keep the jaws open & in mint condition. what he did'nt notice was that the dart in the vertibrate had wedged in the bone & created a small crack. so when Gary was puting in the girders, the jack underneath the neck slipped & the extra weight broke the head off the body. The head went down from 7 feet like a ton of bricks! & when it hit the floor, so did Gary. Gary's head, armes & chest were all in the jaws as he was placing the girders. When the skull hit the floor. the jaws clapped shut with gary's body in between it, & those were real elvisaurus teeth! The carnivore's teeth stabbed into Gary's back & stomach. his spine broke from the impact! his kidneys, stomach, & intestines were all impaled by the teeth. & his spinal chord was severed as Gary's body was chomped in half by the dinosaur. He died of bisection ultimately. Gary never realized that what he did will come back to bite him. He never thought he would get such a blast from the past!